Redline Race Club History

The Redline Race Club was formed officially in November 2006, but many of us have been obsessing over cars for a few years before that. Here is how it all began:

G-Tech Drag-racing Tests

After a few months had passed and the G-Tech had been used informally, in 2005 a larger group of work buddies all started to have their car tested. At this point the G-Tech was only a straight-line, dragstrip style performance meter, so one by one a dozen or so people all put the hammer down and let the G-Tech report the results.

Each test got a bit more sophisticated, and more electronic testing equipment was purchased in order to complete the performance analysis. In time the main two pieces, an OBD2 logger and the G-Tech itself, supplied enough data to support long write-ups with tons of analysis on the car's power output and driving technique, and eventually even atmospherically correct the performance figures.

In 2006 the performance bar was raised again. A number of us participated in a few autocrosses held by SCCA and also Skip Barber racing school. Skip Barber in particular was excellent because of the experienced instructors there to help you pick the right line and wring the car's full potential out on the course. The high point of the driving season was the track day at Road America in October of 2006. Four of us went to the track and drove our cars as fast as we could, and we videotaped the event, and a month later the DVD was finally ready and parts of it are online. It was a blast!

So that leads us to 2007, and the Redline Race Club. In the coming year we have loosely planned on a few autocross events, a couple track days, and some other miscellaneous things like the Detroit Auto Show and driving on the track of the Milwaukee Mile. Anyone who is in the Milwaukee area and want to join us at some of these events is welcome. Our plan is to drive our cars fast and safe (always keep the rubber side down!) and enjoy it as much as possible.

Come and join us!